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Hello!  My name is Tavis Ryan King and I am the tutor behind ‘The Tutor King.  I’m American and like many others, I came to London for a brilliant and reputable British education.

I began tutoring like many graduates; I started out by helping friends in group projects and studying for exams with others.  My colleagues told me I had a special skill for explaining difficult theories and concepts in such a way that they understood them better than when they had been explained by lecturers or textbooks.  It wasn’t very long after that when undergraduate students began approaching me to tutor them through their subjects and coursework.

As a student at Richmond, The American International University in London, I was very lucky that I had a liberal arts background.  What this means is that in addition to my Psychological studies, I was given a broad education that included many social sciences and humanities.  I studied Philosophy, Ethics, Religion, Sociology, Economics and (my favourite) Cultural studies—all of which underpin my approach to tutoring others.  I received my BA (Hons) in Psychology with Combined Studies in 2010.

From here I began pursuing my first master’s degree at Brunel University for which I received a Merit Pass for their MSc Cross-Cultural Psychology programme.  My colleagues were brilliant but I was surprised to learn many of them did not have this broad educational background as I did.  As the course moved forward, I learned what a valuable skill this was.  It was what led me to pursue a career as a private tutor, helping others understand difficult subjects like Psychology, Sociology and Religion.

After finishing my first Master’s, I have completed my Level 4 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS).  I also completed another Master’s at Birkbeck University; an MA Gender, Sexuality and Society.

At present, I’m back at Brunel University working on my PhD in Psychology Research.  My Thesis Title is The Influence of Cultural Values on Internalised Attitudes towards Same-Sex Attraction.  If you are interested in my research and LGBTQ psychology, you should “Like” me on Facebook.

In addition to private tuition, I teach psychology and philosophy for Surrey County Council Community Learning & Skills.  I also occasionally guest lecture in social psychology and cross-cultural psychology at Richmond, The American International University in London.  And last, I also occasionally do supply teaching and exam revision for colleges and academies throughout Southwest London and Surrey

If you would like to learn more about me, please download my CV.  Even better, email me at Tavis.King@TheTutorKing.com.  I am very friendly and would be happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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