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[My] final dissertation mark is in, 75%… I have a final average of 72% for my whole course. Am thrilled, thank you Tavis so much for all your help.  I am certain I would not have achieved such a good mark without you.


MSc Graduate

 I just went in to get [my results]!!!! I got an A* in psychology! Woohoo!! …I just heard back that I have an offer from Bath! Which is a 4-year course with a placement year in industry – my application there was declined last year, so I’m really super happy about that!

A-Level Student and Current Undergraduate

We can`t recommend Tavis highly enough. My daughter was in need of help, both in terms of help with the A-level course content and also her confidence. Tavis provided both with his infectious enthusiasm for the subject. He was quick to respond to inquiries and entirely reliable. My daughter got an A which would not have happened without Tavis`s help.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach my subject?

The Tutor King is able to find you a specialist tutor to help you in all topics.  Tavis personally teaches Psychology, Counselling Skills, Quantitative and Qualitative Research methods. So, if you need a tutor outside of these areas, The Tutor King will find the right person to help.

Are your tutors qualified?

Yes.  All of our tutors are highly qualified with a great deal of teaching experience.  Many of our tutors are qualified teachers and all of our tutors have been supporting learners in one-to-one tuition for years.

Will they be expert in my subject?

90% of our learners are taught by a specialist in the subject. For original research projects, like dissertations (especially at postgraduate levels!) it is almost impossible to find a tutor whose research is in the same area, however, they have been supervising research methods projects for years and anyone identified will be able to support you in your original research.

How quickly can you find someone for me?

Finding the perfect tutor that meets your needs is not instant and takes some time; usually between two-to-three working days, so contact us early so we have time to look for the right teacher.

If you need to find someone right away, we can mark your case as urgent for which there is an extra charge. We will then attempt to find someone on the same day you call. If a tutor cannot be identified we will only charge the usual fees.

Will The Tutor King do my work?

Absolutely not.  For primary, secondary and college level students, most work is exam bases so it makes no sense a tutor would do your homework for you.

As for university students, tutors that work for The Tutor King and its affiliates follow the student’s university guidelines and their own policies regarding plagiarism.  All tutors associated with The Tutor King are ethical educators and will support you or your student at the correct learning level.

How many sessions will I need?

Only an initial assessment by your tutor can give you that answer, but we advise people who contact The Tutor King that for most educational goals, a minimum 5 hours over a few weeks is advisable.

How hours are spread apart is up to the needs of the student and their individual situation.  Discuss these in as much detail as possible with your placement agent when you call.

Am I guaranteed an A*, 9, First, Distinction or other ideal mark?

No.  Did you know that only one variable is associated with high grades?  It is the number of hours a student studies independently on their own.  Of course, this number is frustrated when a student is lost in their topic and do not know where to start.

There is no guarantee for a desired grade from The Tutor King or its affiliates.  We can certainly help get the best possible outcome for a student by putting the right support in place, but it is also up to the student to put in the hard work necessary for high academic achievement.

Can I have a free first session?

No.  Because our tutors are experts in their field and provide a quality service, we do not ask them to ever work for free.  However, many tutors are happy to speak with a student for 30 minutes on the telephone or vial email for free before a session to conduct an initial assessment of needs and this can be used to help inform your decision as to whether this is the right tutor for you.

I don’t think the tutor you sent me is right. What should I do?

If you aren’t happy with your tutor for any reason whatsoever, the first thing to do is to let us know.  Feedback is incredibly important so our tutors and our service can improve.  Furthermore, we can attempt to resolve issues and if necessary, find a new tutor as quick as we can.

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